Redbranch Consulting
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Red Branch Consulting

Specializing in Homeland Security and Privacy Solutions

Red BranchConsulting provides comprehensive strategic and legal advice to companies, individuals, and governments seeking homeland security, information policy and data privacy solutions for the challenges they face. We offer an understanding of the strategic vision that animates American homeland security policy, both at the Department of Homeland Security and throughout the United States government. Few others have as complete an understanding of the thought process that undergirds American homeland security policy.

This means that we understand how the United States provides end to end border security to prevent them malefide actors or goods from entering the country.  It means we understand the difficulties and challenges that arise from developing those intelligence collection and border security systems and the necessity for cooperation with foreign partners who sometimes have significantly different expectations and needs. It means we understand the privacy concerns that arise from the collection of personally identifiable information about individuals traveling to the United States and the solutions that have been put in place to adequately protect privacy while fostering security.